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General Information about Antique Safes


There were dozens of safe and vault manufacturer's in the United States from the early 1800's to the mid-20th century.  Over the decades many were bought out by larger companies or went out of business.

Early safes were generally key operated safes with combination locks becoming more common in the mid-19th century.  At that time many of the combination locks were manufactured by lock companies such as Yale, Sargent (later called Sargent & Greenleaf), Eagle, Pillard's, and others, instead of the safe manufacturer.  

As safe sales increased in the mid-1800's due to many catastrophic fires some safe manufacturers began to produce their own locks to save on production costs. 

Many safe lock parts manufactured in the 19th century were hand-made and/or had hand fitted parts and parts from one lock may or may not exactly fit another lock of the same model.  

Some re-fitting of the part(s) such as by slightly filing or grinding of various lock parts may be required due to lock bodies being made of cast iron, brass, and bronze.

For the best fit of antique safe parts locks they may be sent to us for expert repairs after pics are emailed to us and we check for parts availability.  Shipping info will then be provided.  Good clear pics with a small ruler for size comparison is best.

We restore, rebuild, service and change combinations on antique safe locks.  


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We stock many Antique Safe Parts or may know where to acquire the parts you need.


We stock antique safe dials, dial rings, complete locks, as well as lock parts.  Whether your "wheel pack" or "lock bolt" is missing and you wish to re-use your antique safe we may be able to help with replacement parts for your antique safe.

Since we receive many inquires by email and phone about antique safes most times it requires good quality clear pics of the safe and any lock parts that remain with the safe in order to help you without spending excessive time which increases parts costs.  

Pics should include a full frontal view of the safe, and close-ups of the dial and handle, the hinges, wheel casters, and any painted names or other information on the safe.  

Pics should be emailed to: dlabarge@nycap.rr.com

Also, include a general description of the parts you're requesting so we check for availability.  Common safe lock and parts pics and descriptions will be added below.

Please do not email manufacture's catalog pages or parts catalog numbers when searching for safe parts.  Generally they're not a good informational source since parts designs can change over time.  Good quality pics, even if the part you have is broken, are the easiest and fastest way to locate the part or parts you need.      

Although emails are generally answered in a timely manner there are certain times during the year where a response may take several days or more due to workload, time of year, conventions or vacations, etc.

Antique safe lock pricing depends on a number of factors including: the manufacturer, type of part or complete lock, amount of time to locate, and the rarity and/or condition of the lock or parts.

Antique safe parts are generally mailed USPS Priority shipping with tracking numbers emailed to customers.  Shipping of safe parts is made after payment is received.  

U. S. sales only.

Antique safe parts are sold "as is" with pics and dimensions of parts (if needed) emailed to the purchaser beforehand.  No returns  are accepted on antique safe parts.

Minimum order is $25.00 plus shipping.

Payment for antique safe locks and parts can only be made by USPS Money Order at this time.  Currently do not take Pal Pay or similar services.


Antique Safe Manufacturers


Some common and uncommon safe manufacturer's of the 1800's until the 

mid-1900's are:

Acme, Adams Hammond & Company, Allsteel, Alpine, Amco, American Manganese Bank Safe, American Steam Safe Co, 

American Steel Safe Company, 

Art Metal, Asbestos Fire King, Auberlin & Ehman, William Bacon, Baird Brothers, Barnes Safe and Lock Co,  Berger Van Dorn, Berloy Steel Equipment, J. Baum, B. G. Wilder, Martin Briggs, Brown Morris Safe, Cary Safe Company, Cary & Mossman, Champion Safe, Chicago, Cincinnati Safe & Lock, C. J. Gayler, C. Rich, Corliss Safe Manufacturing, George L.Damon, Damon Safe & Iron Works Company, J. Delano, Diebold Incorporated, Diebold & Kienzle, Diebold Safe & Lock, Diebold Bahmann & Co, Detroit Safe, Diebold Tisco, D. O. Paige, Dodds, T. Dolan, Dudley Wall Safe, 

Eagle Safe, E. C. Morris, E. F. Morris & Son, Ely Norris Safe company, Empire Safe, 

Evans & Watson, Excelsior Safe, 

Farrell Herring, Federal Safe, Gary Safe Co, George Heitz, General Fireproofing, 

Gibraltar Iron Safe, Globe Wernicke Safe, Gross Fiebel, Guardian Safe company, Hall's, Hall & Olden,  Joesph L. Hall, Hall-Marvin Safe Company, Hall's Safe & Lock, 

Hall's Standard Safe, Hassenforder Safe Co, Hawman & Erbe Safe Co, Henry Isham, Henry Hall Iron Safe, Herring, Herring Farrell, Marvin, HHM, Herring-Hall-Marvin, Herring Safe Works, Herring's Champion Safe, Herring & Company, George Heitz, Hercules, Hermann, 

Hibbard-Rodman-Ely Safe Co, Invincible Concealed Safe, John McBride Davidson, 

J. Baum Safe & Lock Company, John Baumann Safe Company, 

J. M. Mossman Safes, J. Weimar Safe, 

 J. Scotts Patent Asbestos, Jesse Delano, Johnson Safe, Joseph Spector-NY, Kershaw, 

Lippincott & Barr, 

Lewis Lillie, Lowrie Safe & Lock, Marvin, MacNeale & Urban, Macy Cabinets, Maiser Safe, Manganese Safe Co, Martin Briggs, McKaskey, Meilink, Miller Safe, E. R. Morse, E. F. Morris & Son, L. H. Miller, E. C. Morris, Morris-Ireland Safe Co, Mosler, Mosler Safe Company, Mosler Bahmann, Mosler Safe & Lock Company, National Safe, New York Manganese Bank Safe, Norris Safe, Ely Norris Safe Co, Paragon Safe, R. M. Patrick, Peerless, Pittsburgh, Pillard's, Protectall, Reliable Safe & Lock, Remington Rand, 

Remington & Sherman, Safe Cabinet, Sargent & Greenleaf, Sargent & Neff, Schwab, Shaw Walker, Silas C. Herring, Joseph Spector Safe Co, Stearns & Marvin, Stiffel & Freeman, T. J. Sullivan, Syracuse Safe Co, Thayer & Edwards, Thomson & Co, Tilton & McFarland, Terwilliger, Thomas Safe Co, Tower Safe, Triumph Safe & Lock Co, Trumbull Safe & Vault Co, United States Safe Co, Wehrle, Valentine & Butler, Van Dorn, Victor, Victor Safe & Lock Company, Vulcan, Warth Baum Safe, Wilder's, Wilder's Sander-NY, Woolshire Safe, W. W. Bacon, 

W. B. Dodds Safe Company, Yale, Yawman & Erbe, York, York Manganese Bank Safe, York Safe & Lock Co, as well as many others not listed here.