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Welcome to LaBarge Lock and Safe Technicians 518-271-0783

Welcome to LaBarge Lock and Safe Technicians 518-271-0783

Welcome to LaBarge Lock and Safe Technicians 518-271-0783 Welcome to LaBarge Lock and Safe Technicians 518-271-0783

About Us

Safe and Vault Services


LaBarge Lock & Safe Technicians has provided professional safe & vault services to the Albany/Troy/Saratoga/Capital District region of upstate New York and the New England states since 1985.

Expert safecracker, safe and vault openings by combination lock manipulation and/or drilling using the most technically advanced equipment available to the safe & vault industry.

GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician and GSA Inspector for US Military & government agency safes, vaults and security containers.

Commercial, Residential, Gun safe, and ATM openings, Digital (Electronic) safe lock replacements, retrofits and Safe & Vault door repairs.

Nationally recognized antique safe and vault expert.  

Whether your "old black safe" is locked by combination or key we can open and repair or retrofit your safe lock to make your safe operational again.  

Lost your safe combination or key?  We can open your safe professionally!

Mechanical and Electronic safe combination changes & servicing.

Digital combination lock retrofits...replace your “dial type” lock with a digital keypad for faster safe openings!

We sell & install quality combination locks manufactured by Sargent and Greenleaf (S&G), LaGard (LG), SecuRam, Kaba Mas,  NL, 

and Big Red.  

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or call us at (518) 271-0783

GSA Safe and Vault Services for US Military and Government Agencies


Dave LaBarge, owner of LaBarge Lock & Safe Technicians since 1985, is a GSA Certified Safe & Vault Technician & Certified GSA Inspector providing expert safe & vault opening and repair services for US federal government agencies, US Military (DoD) & Dept. of Energy (DoE) approved safes, vault doors, and security containers.

Dave is a factory certified technician and installer for the 

Kaba-Mas and Mas Hamilton X-07, X-08, X-09, and X-10 electromechanical combination locks and also the GSA approved Sargent & Greenleaf 2740A & 2740B locks used to secure classified information according to Federal Specification FF-L-2740B.  

S&G 2937 mechanical combination lock factory certified for GSA Approved Armory vault doors and weapons containers.

Dave is a factory certified installer and technician for the Sargent & Greenleaf 2890B lock for emergency egress from SCIF locations.  

Our other factory certifications include the Lockmaster’s LKM 7000 and the recently GSA Approved LKM10K series of high security exit device systems as well as the CDX-0 series of Pedestrian Door Deadbolts meeting Federal Specifications for building emergency egress. 

 We provide GSA Certified safe & vault repairs according to Federal Standard 809D to GSA Approved safes, vault doors and security containers.


Dave LaBarge is the most certified, experienced, and well equipped GSA safe and vault technician in New York state and New England.

Safe & Lock Industry Accolades and Awards


Member of Savta, the Safe & Vault Technicians Association, since 1987

Safe and Vault Technicians Association Advisory Board of Directors from 2014 to 2020

Inductee into the Savta Hall of Fame in 2013

Savta Certified Professional Safe Technician (CPS) since 1994

Associated Locksmiths of America Certified Master Locksmith (CML) since 1992

Expert safe lock manipulator, First Place winner of the Lockmasters, Inc. Harry C. Miller International Manipulation contest held in Reno, Nevada for the 2004 world championship

Featured in the October 2005 issue of "Popular Mechanics" magazine's "This is My Job-Safecracker"

Dave LaBarge is a nationally recognized antique safe and vault expert and "Safe and Vault Historian" 

Certified Master Safecracker (CMS) with the National Safeman's Organization

Featured in the April 2009 issue of "Mens Journal" magazine article: "No Free Rides"


Gun Safes


LaBarge Lock and Safe Technicians provides expert gun safe openings and repairs.  Has your electronic safe lock failed?  We can open your gun safe, repair it properly, and replace your combination lock with either a new digital or mechanical safe lock to make your safe work like new again.

Electronic & Mechanical Safe Lock Retrofits


Are you finding that dialing your safe is time consuming or difficult to open dialing the 

4 x Left, 3 x Right, 2 x Left, 1 x Right to Stop?  Then an electronic or digital safe lock may be right for you.  Just enter your combination/code into your keypad and turn the handle to open your's that easy!  

Antique Safe and Vault Expert


So, you found an "old black safe" in your basement of a home you just moved into that "hasn't been opened in decades" according to the seller.  You dream of the valuables within but not sure of who to call?  We can open your antique safe professionally leaving you with a usable safe afterwards.

ATM openings and repairs


We provide ATM manufacturer's and end users with expert services when there's a safe lock failure or lost combination.  Dave LaBarge is Kaba Mas factory certified for the Cencon electromechanical combination lock openings and lock installations. 

We open and repair the following ATM manufacturer's Automated Teller Machines:  Chubb, Cross, De La Rue, Diebold, Diebold Nixdorf, Docutel, Fujitsu, GenMega, Glory, Hamilton, Hanmega Co, Hantle, Hyosung, Kuminhira, Minibank, Nautilus Hyosung, NCR, Shinwon, Skilcraft, Talaris, Tidel, Tranax, Triton, Wincor Nixdorf, WRG 

How many numbers are in my combination?


Most of today's safes have a 100# dial and three combination wheels.  Some may have a total of four combination wheels.  

So, how many possible combinations could my three digit safe combination  possibly have?  100 x 100 x 100 is one million theoretical combinations.  

A digital or electronic safe lock with a six digit combination also has one million possible combinations.  

A four number combination has 100 million possible combinations!

How does "Safecracking" work?


"Safecracking" or" safe cracking"?

While either spelling is correct "safecracking" is much more common than "safe cracking". 

Safecracking can be described in many ways.  Safes attacked by burglars during a crime or the drilling into a safe door to determine the combination by a safe and vault technician would be "safecracking".   But, probably the most common scenario seen as "safecracking" is opening a safe or vault by "safe lock manipulation" or by using the senses of sight, hearing and feel to determine the lock's combination numbers.  

You James Bond!

Safe Manufacturers We Service

Gun Safe Manufacturers


American Security Products, AMSEC, Black Diamond, Browning, Bulldog, Cabelas, Cannon, Champion, Cobalt, Colt,  D&D, Dakota, Eclipse, Edison, Elite, FatBoy, First Alert, First Watch, Fort Knox, Fortress, Freedom, Frontier, Gardell, Goldfield, Graffunder, Granite, Gun Vault, Gunn Gard, Hall's, Heritage, Hollon, Homak, Hunter, Inkas, Ironman, John Deere, Kodiak, Liberty, Magnum Security, Mesa, Monarch, Mustang, Mutual, National Security, Northern, Patriot, Pendleton, ProSteel, Protector, Old Glory, Revolution, Rhino, Ruko, Safari, Savage Arms, Schools, Scout, Securall,  Sentry, Sentinel, Sierra Safe Co, Smith & Wesson, Sports Afield, Sportsman Steel, Stack-On, Steelwater, Sun Welding, Treadlok, VaultPro,  Visalia Safe, Winchester, Zanotti

We professionally open, repair and service all of the above gun safe manufacturers and more!

Worried about "chatter" on the gun safe internet forums about EMP, or Electro Magnetic Pulse, and your gun safe not being able to be opened after a detonation?  We can change your electronic safe lock to a mechanical "dial type" safe lock or even install a "redundant" safe lock which has both locks integrated into one.  The ease and speed of unlocking a digital sack and also the dependability of a mechanical safe lock.

So, which lock is better?  Mechanical or Electronic (also known as digital) safe lock?

While digital safe locks offer quick entry into your safe they often only have a lifespan of less than five years.  And when your electronic safe lock fails it's most likely when the safe is locked.  Sometimes it's just a keypad failure and they can be opened and changed without drilling while other times it's the lock itself and your safe will require drilling in order to open it.

Not many bad things can happen to a mechanical safe lock unless the combination is lost, the lock is abused or there's a problem from lack of servicing.  Yes, safe locks and the safe itself need periodic servicing.  Call us for more information!

GSA Approved Safe, Vault & Security Container Manufacturers


Alpha Safe & Vault, Armor Safe Corporation, Art Metal USA, A&H Security Cabinets, Brown Safe Manufacturing, Diebold Incorporated, FedSafes, Hamilton Products Group, Herring Hall Marvin, Hillside Metal Products, International Vault, LeFebure, Merritt Industries, Millennium Products, Mosler, mossier-Diebold, Overly Door Company, Schwab Safe Company, Trusted Systems

We open, service and install FF-L-2740B locks on Class 5 and Class 6 Security Containers and Files, Map & Plans Containers, Weapons Containers, IPS Containers, and Armory, Ballistic and Security vault doors.  

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GSA Certified Safe and Vault Technician 


GSA Inspector

Pharmaceutical Industry 

We open and service GSA Approved safes and vault doors as required for use by Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and dispensers of controlled substances according to DOJ Security Requirement Title 21 Part 1301.72 (a) (ii)

We provide lock replacements and upgrades to DEA required security hardware as well as combination changes.  

New and Used GSA Approved security safes and security containers sold that meet DEA specs for pharmaceutical storage.


Modern and Antique safe manufacturers


A&B, Acme, Adesco, AllSteel, Amsec, Allied-Gary, Alpine, American, Annon, Arfe, Armor, Art-Metal, Atlas, Auberlin & Ehman, Barnes, Baum, Bernadini, Bischoff, Blue Dot, Bode-Panzer, Bridgemen, Briggs, Brinks, Brown, Browning, Bunker Hill, Bumil, Burg Wachter, Cannon, Cannonball, Cary, CSS, Centurion, Chicago, Champion, Chatwood-Milner, Chubb, Churchill, Cincy, Cincinnati, City Safe, Colbalt, Cole, Collier, Conforti, Coverts, Cox, Cross, Corporate Security Systems, George Damon, Dayton, Defender, Jesse Delano, De La Rue, Dexter, Detroit, Diebold-Kienzle, Defiant, Diamond, Docutel, Drummond, Eagle, Eclipse, Ely Norris, Emo, Empire, Eurosafe, Excelsior, Excalibur, EXL, Farrel, Fichet, Fichet-Bauche, FireKing, FireFyter, Fort Knox, Fortress, Fujitsu, Gardall, Gary, C. J. Gayler’s, Giant, Globaloks, Graffunder, Guardian, Hadak, Hadaikan, Hall, Halls, Hamilton, Harwood, Harwoods, Hayman, George Heitz, Herring Dexter, Herring & Co, Hermann, Herring, Hercules, Herring-Hall-Marvin, High Sierra, Hillside, Hitachi, Honeywell, Hollon, HPC, Ilco, In-a-Floor, Inkas, International, Intersec, Ironman, ISM, Itoki, JJ Taylor, Joseph Halls, J Baum, J Scott, John D. Brush, Johnson-Pacific, Juwel, Kaba-Mas, Kaso, Kumahira, Knight, Kumihira, LaGard, LeFebure, L. H. Miller, Liberty, Lillie, Lips, Lord, LP Locks, ISDA, MacNeale & Urban, Major, Mancini, Marvin, Martin Briggs, Mauer, McBride & Davidson, McCaskey, McGunn, McNeale & Urban, Megasafe, Meilink, Mesa, Miami, Miller, E. C. Morris, MGM, Morris & Ireland, Mosler, Mosler-Diebold, Mossman, Mutual, National, NCR, NKL, NL Locks, National Safe and Lock, Original, Overly, PSP, Phoenix, Pillard’s, Pittsburgh, Price, Protectall, Prolok, Ratner, R. M. Patrick, Reliable, Remington & Sherman, Remington Rand, Rolland, Rosengrens, Safe Cabinet, Saga, Salamander, Sargent & Greenleaf, Schroder, Schwab, Sears, Securifort, Security, Sentry, Seyma, Shaw Walker, Silas C. Herring, Sisco, Skilcraft, SLS, SNA,SSE, Sportsman, Star, Steelage, Stearns & Marvin, Stiffel & Freeman, Stockinger, Strattford, Syracuse, Sun, Surimas, John Tann, Taylor,  Tann, Terwilliger, Tidel, Tower, Tranex, Traum, Triumph, Trumbull, Ultimate, US Security, Valentine and Butler,  Vector, Victor, Wehrle, Wilder’s, Wilson, Wincor-Nixdorf, Worldwide, Yale, Yale & Towne, Yawma & Erbe, York, Young Ann, Zanotti, Zubigaray, Zugil and many other safe manufacturers.

Commercial/Residential Lock Services

A mechanical push button levers for commercial use.

Commercial and Residential lock installations  

We sell and install Arrow, Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale locks.


Locks rekeyed and replaced  

Break a key off in your lock--we can remove the broken key and repair the lock!  

Mechanical and Digital keyless-push button locks installed

High Security non-duplicatable keyed lock sales and service of Medeco, Assa locks

Exit devices and door hardware installations including door closers by Von Duprin, Corbin-Russwin, Arrow, Norton, Precision, 

and many others.

Locations We Service


We provide service in the following cities and surrounding areas:

Albany, Altamont, Alplaus, Averill Park, Albany County, Amsterdam, Ballston Spa, Berne, Burnt Hills, Cambridge, Catskill, Charlton, Clifton Park, Cohoes, Colonie, Corinth, Delmar, East Greenbush, Fort Ann,

Fort Edward, Fulton and Montgomery Counties, Galway, Gansevoort, Glenmont, Glenville, Glens Falls, Gloversville, Grafton, Granville, Green Island, Green County, Greenwich, Grooms Corners, Guilderland, Hadley, Hoosick Falls, Hudson, Hudson Falls, Johnstown, Johnsonville, Lake George, Lake Luzerne, Latham, Loudonville, Malta, Mechanicville, Menands, Nassau, New Salem, Niskayuna, Pattersonville, Pittstown, Poestenkill, Queensbury, Raymertown, Rensselaer, Ravena, Rexford, Rotterdam, Round Lake, Rennselaer County, Salem, Saratoga Springs, Schaghticoke, Schenectady, Schodack, Schuylerville, Scotia, Selkirk, Slingerlands,  South Glens Falls, Stillwater, Saratoga County, Schenectady County, Troy, Tamarac, Valley Falls, Victory Mills, Voorheesville, Waterford, Watervliet, Westmere, West Sand Lake, Westerlo, Wilton, Wynantskill, Washington County, the Adirondack and Catskill Mountain areas, Vermont and western Massachusetts.

Automotive Locksmith Services


Auto openings and limited automotive key fittings due to programming requirements of newer transponder "chip" keys.

Key fittings to older and antique cars & trucks that the "Codesmiths" cannot provide service for.  

What's a "Codesmith"?

A "Codesmith" is a recent addition to the locksmithing industry who relies on getting the key codes for newer vehicles by receiving the codes from on-line code suppliers, friends at car dealerships, or in some cases, other nefarious ways

to make a key by using the key code numbers.

Codesmiths have only been around for a decade or so and completely base their business on making keys by these key codes which are usually obtained by a VIN number.  

Most have no actual automotive locksmithing tools and very little experience.  They wouldn't know how to fit a key if the code was either unobtainable, wrong, or from a mistake on the key code sellers part.

An experienced automotive locksmith would be able to fit a key by impressioning a key or by lock removal and disassembly, 

a "Codesmith" can't.

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